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Smokey Bear Effect: The Paradox of Good Intentions Reaching Bad Results

We got so good at stopping wildfires they are becoming unstoppable.

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Trump and the OODA Loop: How He Predicably Disorients His Predictable Adversaries

To collapse an adversary’s system into confusion and disorder causing it to overreact and underreact to activities that appear menacing while being at the same time ambiguous, chaotic, misleading, etc

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President Trump and Gorgeous George – Because Manufacturing Outrage Gets Attention

President Trump, like Gorgeous George and Muhammad Ali succeeded because people needed to hate them.

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CNN and the Streisand Effect – How Doing Something Because You Can is Often Something You Knew You Shouldn’t Have

CNN put an unnecessary statement into its report. Like Streisand before, it is learning of blowback

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Red Team – Blue Team: Why Science and Policy Should Not be Adjuncts for Each Other

Politics is not science. Decisions should be made with all interests represented for proper cost/benefit analysis.

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How a Writer Demonstrates Lack of Empathy by Refusing to Understand why Opponents Lack Empathy

A writer bemoans a lack of empathy from people she refuses to try to understand, which demonstrates that she is what she claims to despises