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Smokey Bear Effect: The Paradox of Good Intentions Reaching Bad Results

We got so good at stopping wildfires they are becoming unstoppable.

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How a Writer Demonstrates Lack of Empathy by Refusing to Understand why Opponents Lack Empathy

A writer bemoans a lack of empathy from people she refuses to try to understand, which demonstrates that she is what she claims to despises

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Hillary’s Parkinson’s Disease? Two Key People have Not Denied It

Neither Hillary Clinton nor her physician, Lisa Barnack, MD, have denied that Hillary has Parkinson’s disease despite the opportunity to do so. This silence can be read to speak loudly

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Activism – Or, How to Turn People Off and Stall Progress

Activists, by definition, do not consider other issues. Marginalizing activists leads to progress.

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If I Were You…

When a person asks, “What would you do?” don’t tell the person what you would do. Because you aren’t her.