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Disaster Response in US Getting Smoother Every Time

Recent progress in the handling of disasters in the United States is nice to see

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I Want Some Action – How About Some Bets on Climate Predictions?

Mark Boslough has a climate wager nobody will take because it misses the point. I’ve got an idea for climate wagers which both sides can take and mutually negotiate. Negotiation of terms would be a big step towards both sides of climate debate working together.

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How to Torpedo a Climate Deal – A Christmas Humbug

COP21 in Paris is about the money. The whole gambit to shelve a climate deal was revealed. It’s simple: the US and developed countries don’t want to pay.

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COP21 a “First Step” because Pragmatism is Actually Being Attempted

Twenty years of idealism has resulted in little action. It is time to take a small step and end calls for bold action.

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Demand for Bold Action Has Prevented Action on Climate Change. Focus on Likely Scenarios Will Bring a Measured Response

Bold action on climate change has been repeatedly proposed for decades on the basis of worst-case scenarios that are unlikely to happen.

Had a measured approach to meet likely issues been taken from the get go, we might have eased into boldness.