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Why do People Trust Science with the Eclipse but Not Climate? Be Honest – You Know Why

Newtonian laws tell us precisely what will happen, where and when. I don’t expect Climate Science to do this, and it’s a good thing

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Trump and the OODA Loop: How He Predicably Disorients His Predictable Adversaries

To collapse an adversary’s system into confusion and disorder causing it to overreact and underreact to activities that appear menacing while being at the same time ambiguous, chaotic, misleading, etc

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Puffery Part II: How to turn an Undisputable Fact into a Disputable Argument –

Painting opinions as facts destroys good factual points. What we want to say isn’t always what others want to hear.

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Activism – Or, How to Turn People Off and Stall Progress

Activists, by definition, do not consider other issues. Marginalizing activists leads to progress.

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Puffery and Climate Communications – Knock it Off

Climate reporting has become a land of puffery. The frequency of subjective terminology has dulled the lines between fact and opinion to where science and rhetoric are hard to distinguish

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“I don’t understand how…” How Moral Distance and Lack of Empathy Affect All Issues

The building of a moral distance between sides of a debate is an excuse to show no empathy. To empathize is a challenge to our egos.

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DiCaprio’s Oscar Climate Speech – Get Facts Straight Before You Advocate

Leonardo DiCaprio’s reference to warm Canada was a problem for numerous reasons, not the least of which is he has been corrected on it before. Get facts straight before you advocate.