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On Weirdness

A look at successful and influential people in the past shows that weirdness is not a barrier to influence and success

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Puerto Rico and Federal Response: Criticism Based on Ignorance and Absence of Suggestion for Improvement

“Time, money and lives are most wasted when the cause of problems is misdiagnosed.” Blaming Feds is Puerto Rico is easy and deadly. Offering solutions is hard.

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Smokey Bear Effect: The Paradox of Good Intentions Reaching Bad Results

We got so good at stopping wildfires they are becoming unstoppable.

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Country Music, Tom Petty – Isn’t It a Pity?

At a concert we are all fans. It doesn’t matter who we are – we are united in our love of a common experience.

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On Federal Response to Puerto Rico: Armchair Quarterbacking in a Vacuum of Knowledge

Too many people say “more should be done.” Stop and think about the barriers to doing more

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The Folly Beach Boat

Hurricane Irma has dislodged one of my favorite symbols of human spirit – the Folly Beach Boat. She will always be iconic