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Feelings on Bowe Bergdahl

As some of you know, I retired as a Captain in the Army. I’ve seen some things regarding the light sentence of Bowe Bergdahl.

Considering my other training and experience, I sought the Judge’s decision. Turns out he didn’t explain it.

Photo Credit CNN. Other credits? I give him none.

Thus I have spent today thinking of justification for the light sentence he received. Best I can come up with is the following:

(1) the Court reckoned he’s been cooped up enough and was reluctant to give more time. personal thought? Fuck that.
(2) the Court recognized the sheer intelligence value he provided on his return. Personal thought? I can actually appreciate this point. His debriefings may ultimately save a whole bunch of lives.
(3) the US has paid enough for him and there is no use keeping him at taxpayer dole at The Castle, which the Fuckin guy would consider a Club Fed. I can see this point.
(3a) the true penalty he faces will be among the public. He is known and a marked man. The true misery for a person like him is to try to return to society and pay for his crimes with the well-deserved stigma as opposed to be isolated from it.

Me? I hope 3a is the reason. I’m trying to justify it to myself and I think I’ve settled on it as the one I can handle best.

Do I think he regrets his decision? I sure as hell do. I’m pretty convinced he had no idea what he hell he was getting his dumb ass into when he volunteered for the Army (no, it isn’t the movies) and when he deserted to the Taliban (yes, they are more screwed in the head than him).

Good people were killed looking for him. I would like to see him make the best of this. But I also have that part of me that wants him to suffer long and hard.

I admit to being unable to reconcile my thoughts and feelings. Maybe I’m just a human.


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