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Upset with the Election? Cool Off, Deal with Fear. And Ask a Libertarian

Dear Upset Democrats:

If you need someone to talk to who knows all about disappointment, find a libertarian. I’ve spent 20 years on the losing end, so I’m used to it.

The shock at first.  Let this be the worst of it

But some things I can tell you are these:

(1) your fears are just that – fears. Your imagination can come up with all kinds of scenarios that just won’t happen. They won’t. Gay rights are going nowhere. Women’s rights are here. Jim Crow is gone. The President can’t change that
(2) people act ridiculously when they are upset. We say and do things we regret. Step back, cool off.
(3) Republicans are the pessimists. Since when did liberals become so damned gloomy? I mean, liberals have always been bitter, but they used to be the ones saying things will be okay. Liberals have completely lost themselves. It’s why they’ve lost the election
(4) Altruism. Liberals love to use that word. Altruism. Since the election I have seen not an ounce of it. Only selfishness of saying that others don’t count. I’m seeing the purest form of selfishness I’ve seen in a long time – petulance from many on the side that got beaten fair and square.
(5) If a President is an existential threat, then we must blame the prior Presidents and Congress for allowing the President that much power.
(6) This is the most important lesson: lose with grace and dignity. Do not give the other side ammunition. The reason why the libertarian appeal is growing is that so many of us are showing that we are more than pot smoking anarchists. We don’t take much personally, we keep our ideals, we don’t blame others, and we do NOT judge people on anything but their own individual behavior. I don’t lump in a GOP with racists any more than I lump in a Democrat with communists.

Tomorrow is a new day. 2017 is a new year. The benefit that you have is that there is simply no way that a Trump presidency could be worse than you feel it will be. You’ve set the bar so low he could crawl over it.

I’m not happy. I wasn’t happy when Obama won. Or Bush. Or Clinton. So I’m used to it. I started coping a couple of months ago with the possibility of a loss.

Next time, start coping before you vote. It will make things easier if your side loses. And better if your side wins


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