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I Hope I am Seeing the Tide Turning

Been a while since I’ve posted. Been otherwise occupied. But with the Kaepernick issue, as well as other developments over the last couple of weeks, I am detecting a turn for the better in terms of understanding.


Moral outrage.  I’m seeing it start to burn itself out. And in an election cycle.  What do I hope I’m seeing?

I’m hoping that mob calls to fire people and shaming them for their statements of belief have jumped the shark. Mob justice and personal destruction have been just a bit toned down lately, hasn’t it? Perhaps we see that it has gone too far

I’m hoping that the waves of intolerance we’ve been seeing have jumped the shark – and the U of Chicago looks to have taken that lead. Let the other side speak.  And let the other side be heard.

And I hope that we have finally started to understand as a nation and world that judging a person’s worth or merit solely on that basis of whether we agree with that person is reaching its end. It’s okay to disagree.  Hating a person because he has different priorities than you?  Enough.

I’ve kinda had enough of people who are constantly looking for something to be pissed off about. People out warrioring instead of communicating. People looking for anything to criticize.  Consider Martin Luther King, Jr. quoting, “we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal” and being criticized for limiting it to men

I am worn out with people who who can’t just say, “I disagree but I respect your viewpoint.” And with people who can’t tolerate a person saying, “I disagree, but I respect your viewpoint.”

I am weary of people out for a win instead of people out to inform. People looking to smack down as opposed to a lively discussion.

Let’s hold off on characterization. People looking to categorize a person rather than hear the underlying message. The person is an alarmist or a denier?  Maybe the person is neither. The person is concerned about inner city violence? Maybe the person isn’t a racist but actually cares.

There is one way to know what motivates a person in his or her beliefs. Ask that person why she supported Bernie – you might find that she is actually not a communist. Ask the person why she supports Trump and you will find plenty of non-bigoted reasons.

Above all, let’s stop seeking validation from those we agree with. Instead, let’s engage those who differ. I do find them just as – if not more – interesting than those who agree.

Find people who are willing to educate you to their side. Seek to empathize with their perspective and why they have that perspective.

And maybe – just maybe – you can disagree with a person without hating.



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