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Activism – Or, How to Turn People Off and Stall Progress

Activists, by definition, do not consider other issues. Marginalizing activists leads to progress.

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Puffery and Climate Communications – Knock it Off

Climate reporting has become a land of puffery. The frequency of subjective terminology has dulled the lines between fact and opinion to where science and rhetoric are hard to distinguish

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“I don’t understand how…” How Moral Distance and Lack of Empathy Affect All Issues

The building of a moral distance between sides of a debate is an excuse to show no empathy. To empathize is a challenge to our egos.

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Doctors vs. Lawyers – Understand Roles, Limits and Build a Team

Doctors are in foreign territory when dealing with lawyers. Physicians should understand the lawyer’s limits and be the one to build a team.

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If I Were You…

When a person asks, “What would you do?” don’t tell the person what you would do. Because you aren’t her.

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Thomas Speaks – About Guns. Do what Thomas Suggested: Make Domestic Violence a Felony

Justice Thomas opened the door to solving his problem and I agree: time to treat all Domestic Violence as a felony