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Communication is a Two-Way Street – Especially if You Want to Change Someone’s Mind

Communication – even persuasion – is a two-way street. If you don’t want feedback or suggestions from others, you have demonstrated why others won’t pay attention to you.


Climate Wager – No Takers

Over a week ago, I published a post wherein I suggested that perhaps the two sides of the climate discourse should look to making some wagers on measurable changes to climate that will occur over the next decade. See the post here: This post had hundreds of views.  And not one person volunteered to make… Continue reading Climate Wager – No Takers

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I Want Some Action – How About Some Bets on Climate Predictions?

Mark Boslough has a climate wager nobody will take because it misses the point. I’ve got an idea for climate wagers which both sides can take and mutually negotiate. Negotiation of terms would be a big step towards both sides of climate debate working together.