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How to Torpedo a Climate Deal – A Christmas Humbug

Humbug – deceptive or false talk or behavior.

Yesterday, I posted that the a climate of a 1.5C benchmark was a way to torpedo a climate deal before talks about funding came into it.

green bacls

COP21 is not about green so much as it is about the green.

COP21 is about money.  Back in 2009, at the failed Copenhagen summit, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested the mobilization of $100 billion per year worldwide for climate change.

Therein lies the quandary.  Where will this money come from?  Where will it go?  How much should each individual nation provide or receive?  This issue is the biggest one to be worked out. And it’s got a long way to go.

China, India and most of the rest of the world believes that the US, as the chief emitter of CO2 over the last century, should pay the lion’s share. Other developed countries in the EU have also benefited handsomely from their carbon energy use.

Then towards the end I wrote this:

The US doesn’t want to hand over $50 billion per year to fight climate change worldwide?  But the US still wants to maintain a public image of being all for fighting climate change?

The easy solution is to go extreme.  Take up an impossible position. Become an activist.  Put out support for a deal that you are certain will not be accepted but will satisfy the activists.  The fingers may be firmly pointed elsewhere.

And privately, a sigh of relief that the status quo will be maintained while big words are spoken.

This deal is dead.  The 1.5C smokescreen covers up the issue of whether trillions of dollars in the next decades will be transferred.

Then a strange thing happened.  Talk went to funding, anyway.  And once this happened, the charade was kicked.  US Secretary of State John Kerry informed the session that the US and the developed world would walk out if there are demands for funding.

So we have come to this.  The 1.5C ruse, which was stood so firmly behind by the developed world, has had the cloak pulled off.


Said the scarecrow, “You humbug!”

And he is right.  This deal was dead from the start.  Diplomats from the world over have wasted their time.  Maybe Kerry will pledge a few hundred million for climate change.  The world knows that this is chump change for climate change and this will be unacceptable.

The jig is up.  There will be either no deal of a weak deal.  The rest of the world – mainly island nations and the developing world – will be outraged.

The US and the EU looked marvelous yesterday.  Today?  The true colors came shining through.


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